Casting off / binding off quick question

Hello :slight_smile:

I just finished my first real knitting project. My gran tried to teach me to knit when I was 8 but I wouldn’t call knitting a couple of rows before getting bored and giving up a project! So 22 years on, I thought it was high time for another go.

I found the videos on this site useful as I was never taught how to cast on or do anything apart from “knit”. I got through my whole scarf pattern with a few issues here & there, but on the whole I’m quite proud of it. When it came to casting off, I knit the first two, pulled the first stitch over the second etc, no problems. I got to the last stitch and had no idea what to do with it! I thought maybe since the video didn’t mention it maybe it would just go into a knot when I took the needle out… soon realised that wouldn’t be the case and panic-improvised a pathetic knot on the end!!! I’m worried that it will come undone- have tucked the end of it into the knitting and am hoping for the best.

What [I]should[/I] I have done?

Thanks for listening :muah:

When you get to the last loop you just pull the yarn through it. Then cut the yarn about 3-4 inches long, take out a crotchet hook and weave the end thru the edge of the scarf back and forth following the knitted stitches until it’s invisible.Cut off whatever is left close to the garment.