Cast Toe Covers

I was looking at the sticky post of charity items needed, and noticed the Toe Covers. I can tell you that these are WONDERFUL things!!!

A few years ago I ended about 3 years of foot surgeries - 4 in all. Much of that time, one foot or another was in a cast and much of the time, during the winter. My toes were SO cold!

I wasn’t knitting at the time, but I would try to get wool socks over my toes and cast - without hurting myself - but it was very difficult and kept coming off. I like to think I’m a fairly creative person… why didn’t I think of that??? :slight_smile:

So, if you’re looking for something wonderful to bless another - try these. They will LOVE them!

Since I am about to have foot surgery I would love to find out where the pattern is for these…or where I can buy them :aww:

Great idea! :thumbsup:
(and a fast knit too!)

Here’s a pattern I found:
Toe Cast Cover

I don’t know how I missed this one.

What a great idea! Is there a thread on it? If not, this might be something I could donate to our local hospital.

The pattern looks simple enough, and I could use up some spare yarn.