Cast on

I tried to do the knitted cast on but found some of my stitches were loopy. What did I do wrong? Long tail seems to work for me

Welcome to KH! You’ll get it. You just need to keep practicing. Youtube has some excellent videos if you need some help. Also, KH’s videos on long tail cast on is a good place to start.

It just take time to get the sts even when you do a new stitch or Cast on. When you first did it, your long tail might not have been quite as good as it is now. Knit CO can be a bit loose anyway though, but gets a little tighter after you work some more rows. That’s why it’s used a lot fot lace knitting where you need a loose edge to stretch it out for blocking.

You need to snug the newly made st up as you make it, not too much, but enough to get rid of the loopy part. You do something similar with longtail cast on too.

Mine too!!!