Cast on?

I am totally new to knitting ,and would like to knit a baby blanket.
the pattern i have found says to cast on 270 . how can i possibly get that amount on a needle ! ?

thanks in advance

I’m new to knitting as well, so I might not be the best person to answer this, but I do know they sell really long knitting needles. I have some that are 14 inches long.

Does the pattern you are using say what kind of needles to use?

You can use circular needles (the kind with a cord in between two needle tips). You’d be using them like straight needles – turning your work at the end of each row instead of working in the round. The cord will not only accommodate the larger project, but will be easier on your wrists because you’ll be able to rest the work in your lap instead of having it weighing down the length of your needles (as would be the case with straights).

Circular needles would be best in this case. What are you making?