Cast on yarn over?

Hello. I am starting a pattern for a dropped stitch pattern wrap and am stuck on the very first line! It says "[CO 5 sts, yo] 11 times. I know how to do a yarn over when I am knitting but never when casting on. I do the one needle cast on method. Does anyone know what this means? thanks

I’ve never seen this in a cast on. What do they have you do with the yo’s on the next row?

Is this for Knitty’s Bob & Weave? Just do as it says, co 5, yo, rinse and repeat. They have you drop the stitches all the way down where you yo on the cast on row. Note that it does say to use long tail cast on though.

A lot of times, even if something sounds funky, I just go ahead and trust the pattern and try it out and see if it works. Most of the time, I get one of those lightbulb ‘aha!’ moments and I understand why.

I hope that makes sense. Just co 5 times, wrap the yarn around your needle, then continue casting on. It sounds weird but it works!

Edited: I just noticed Ingrid’s sig that says trust the pattern. hah! Wise advice. I didn’t even notice til after I posted!

Thanks! You must know your patterns bc Knitty Bob and weave is the one I am doing. I just didn’t understand how to do the yarn over part while casting on but now that you explained it I get it. I’ll try it!
Thanks again for the quick response.

No problem at all! I hope it helped. I have a confession to make though…I just googled that part of the pattern and it brought it right up. I love google. lol