Cast on with crochet edge..?

Hey guys!

Disclaimer: I’m very new to knitting. Like really new… And also new to crocheting.

The knitting pattern I have uses this really pretty “crocheted scalloped edge” at the start and end of the blanket. The instructions (below) make sense to me for the ending edge. But how do I accomplish this at the start, when I’m just casting on?

If someone could point me to a tutorial or tell me what I might Google around for, that would be immensely helpful. I want to nail the beginning so I can get to knitting the rest of the blanket.

“Crochet Scalloped Edge
Begin crocheting scalloped edge in your bind off row. (Remember to go through both
legs of your bind off row.
Single crochet into 1 stitch, *skip 2 stitches, 5 double crochets into next stitch, skip next
2 stitches, single crochet into next stitch, repeat from *. End by working a slip stitch into
first single crochet. Note — at the corners of a square, work your count so that you work
the double crochet stitches in the corner. I found that working 8 single crochets (instead
of 5) made a nice corner.”

After looking around some more, I think I can accomplish this with the provisional cast-on. Am I understanding correctly that I shouldn’t “bind off” the knitting at all, but rather start crocheting through the “live” stitches?

My big remaining question is: what does it mean by, “Remember to go through both legs of your bind off row.” what are the “legs”?

Hi and welcome!
This edge sounds like it’s added on to the finished blanket. When you cast off you leave a chain of stitches that look like a crochet chain. The instruction in the pattern is to go through both legs of that chain (both legs of the V at the bind off). It may not matter which cast on you use although a cable cast on is close in appearance to the stitch-over-stitch bind off. The crochet edge will likely hide the cast on and bind off.
You can see the two legs in the start of this video.

What pattern are you using? Can you give us a link or a pattern name, please?

Thanks for your help!! That makes sense about the legs of the V.

I’m going off this pattern. It’s paid, so I guess I shouldn’t post the whole thing, but the rest is mostly just needle size and such.

Just that link is perfect. It’s such an attractive throw. it looks like the crochet edging may go all the way around. Enjoy knitting and crocheting it.