Cast on thumb method-

I understand how to cast on with the thumb method…however when I do the ball of wool ends up at the wrong end of the stitches as you have used the tail wool to cast on.Are you supposed to transfer the stitches cast on to the other needle to start knitting or how do you start knitting when you are finished casting on?

Do you mean the thumb version of long tail CO or just using the thumb/backward loop CO? If you mean the version of the LT, both ends travel together and end up at the same end. The backward loop you leave a short tail and use the yarn attached to the ball to make the cast on.

Do you mean your tail and the working yarn are on opposite ends of the cast on stitches? If that is the case then you just start knitting. Just remember that the tail is on the opposite end when you start so you’ll know where end is.

It’s not the best cast on for a beginning though. I’d suggest learn long tail, the knitted cast on or the cable cast on method.

I think she’s casting on with the tail instead of the working yarn which is back at the flat end of the needle instead of the tip.

Oh… I’ve never used the thumb method. I use the other method and I’m not sure how that would happen. I trust you though since you do it that way, too. :thumbsup:

No, the thumb version of LT works the same way as the one handed version - you just use 2 hands instead. So she could be doing the backward loop but leaving a long tail and using it instead of the working yarn.