Cast On Stitches

Without doing a swatch… I want to make a 36x36 baby blanket with #15 circular needles and Nicole Stitch Studio super bulky yarn. HOW MANY STITCHES DO I NEED TO CAST ON???

I can only find one that gives gauge on Ravelry, 9.5-12st per 4".
So 2.375-3sts per inch. x36
85.5-108 stitches for a 36" blanket if that’s the gauge you get.

I rarely do swatches. I also frog and restart often. Just a warning.
If you can cast on 96 stitches and have it be the size you want it’s great. If you cast on 86 stitches and knit 3 inches worth to find out you’re not getting the length you want and have to rip it out making 4x4 squares to start with to figure out your needle size to get gauge could’ve saved time.

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Since everyone knits differently one persons gauge to get a 36" square blanket may be different than another persons. With bulky yarn and big needles you’d only need to cast on say 10 and knit for a maybe 10 rows to get a rough idea how many you’d need for an appx 36" blanket. At least you’re not using fingering weight. Most of us don’t like gauge swatches, but it’s way better for a project like this than casting on a guess and having to rip out multiple times after you’ve knit 5".

Thanks for the answer. I will try this.

Thanks so much for answering!!

You need to cast on 5 sts.