Cast on stitches at beginning AND end of row on one row?

so i’m making a stuffed bear. pretty much its having you start at the feet, up to the head, then continue on back down to the feet and you fold it down in half at the ears (since its having you knit two bears with their ears attatched) and sew the whole body together.

my question is i know how to cast on at the beginning OR end of row. not both at once. it says arms: cast on 8 stitches at the beginning of each side (32 stitches) garter stitch for 8 rows.
my thing is is if i cast on at the beginning, then have to garter stitch to the end of the row to cast on more, they would be lopsided since the beginning will have garter stitches and the end wont. does anyone understand what i mean? its hard to explain lol.

You seem to have alluded to two sets of inctructions:

  1. CO at beginning AND end of next row: CO with a knit or cable CO (your preference or as instructed in directions). Work those new sts, then work across the old sts, then CO the end sts with a backwards loop CO. Done. Turn and work the next row as directed.
  2. CO at beginning of the next TWO rows: CO with knit or cable CO. Work the new sts, then work across the old sts. Turn work. CO with a knit or cable CO. Work new sts, then work across old sts And the prior CO sts. Done. Turn and work next row as directed.

It will and it won’t be be lopsided. You will have a visible CO edge at either end, but once you have worked the next rows in pattern it will all blend in. In 1, the beginning CO will have one more row, almost like a short row. In 2, the 1st CO section will appear one row sooner than the second CO section.
Almost all knitting has a spot/section with one more row/sts, which is rarely noticeable to anyone other than the person who knit the piece. Given that this is a bear, once things are folded, sewn and stuffed, no one will notice where that extra row is/starts.

thank you! i dont know why this was giving me such a brain freezer but after just taking a breather and going back at it i realized its simpler than i was making it out to be lol. this is the first time of making something not a square or rectangle as i usually stick to afghans or baby blankets so the whole “it might be a little off thing” kinda got my brain ticking since i like everything to be as perfect as possible hahaha.

It won’t matter that one side would appear to have an extra row than the other side. When you’re done you have to bind off one side first, then the other anyway so both will have the same number of rows.