Cast-on Question

This may be a dumb question, but I was wondering, after you cast on (one time), does that count as one stitch or two? I am learning how to knit from this website and I do the cast on that the video teaches here. A pattern I have says, cast on 14 stitches, but I think that means the first time I get the yarn on the needle, it creates two stitches. (Does this make sense?) So, should I could it as two and then keep counting from there??

Thanks for your help! :wink:

Each loop on the needle counts as one stitch.

There are a few different cast-on methods. All the ones I’m familiar with add the stitches one at a time.

And if you start with a slip knot, that counts as a st too. So after you add one st, you then have two.

I do the long-tail cast on without doing a slipknot, and it does create 2 loops on the needle at first. Every time after that, it’s only one. But, yes, I do count those first 2 loops as individual stitches.