Cast on maybe twisting?

It is 1 am and finish my stock. and ribbon scarf and decided to start another project while i still have the energy (took oneeee long nap earlier). I wanted to make this hat.

For my friend who just returned from Iraq and getting use to the winters in Virginia

But I am having difficulty with just the cast on sighs first i am doing it too tightly now i got that down now another problem. After watching the video here on how to do the provisional cast on (Love this site for lessons-since I am new and started to really challenge myself with fancier patterns). In her lesson she states to hold the beg. of the yarn in your hand and do the process the problem is that I either the 40 sts becomes too much for my hand to hold cause I am worried that there is indeed a top and a bottom to these cast ons and they might get twisted or I make them too tight trying to make them all fit in my hand. So my question does it matter if they start to twist (they become looser than and that may be a solution if i make it too tight)? Is it a bad thing if i slip not the yarn onto my needle?

I am being gutsy in making a project with so many new knitting terms like ‘yarn over’ and ‘turn’…and such.

I was also wondering if anyone has made this hat- I am trying to decide if i can go without that little i-cord at the top or if i make another one (i love this hat i might make one for myself) what would it look like if changed colors (I think a hat with red and pink diamonds would look cute) without having to buy yarn that does the fade effect into one color and another.

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"Place a loose slipknot on needle held in your right
hand. Hold waste yarn next to slipknot and around
left thumb; hold working yarn over
left index finger. *Bring needle forward
under waste yarn, over working
yarn, grab a loop of working yarn
(Figure 1), then bring needle to the
front, over both yarns, and grab a second
loop (Figure 2). Repeat from *.
When you’re ready to work in the
opposite direction, pick out waste
yarn to expose live stitches."
This is what the website says on how to do a Prov. cast on, which is very different from this site…I am not frustrate AND confuse whimpers


I always have a problem with my provisional cast on being too tight. You might want to try casting onto a needle that’s a size or two bigger.

It also took me a while to get the hang of the prov cast on to begin with. have you tried the crochet cast on? KellyK taught me how to do it (:heart:) but this site has great pictures and a good explaination. I like to use the crochet cast on instead of the provisional/waste yarn method… I just think it’s easier.

Don’t be afraid of changing a pattern–ESPECIALLY if it’s as simple as changing colors!! Make it your own! You might be being gutsy having to do a yarn over and turn, BUT, you already know HOW to yarn over–just wrap the yarn over the hook, right??-- and TURNING is what you do at the end of the row (and in the middle, if the pattern says, which is easy!!) so go ahead and BE GUTSY, that’s why we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Thank you soooooo much! Now to make this hat! I am so excited about it. in the mean time of trying to think of a solution to this problem i figured out how to double knit so it wasn’t time wasted…So many projects I want to do…sigh if only i had more than two pairs of hands

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