Cast on help please. English Knitting

So I’m working off a Usborne’s Children Knitting Kit. Yes, I’m a complete beginner and I have co-ordination issues so I thought learning to knit a child’s pattern would help.

The actual knitting and purling are coming along fine. But I’m having a bit of trouble casting on - the slip knot and the first stitch after that are going on fine, the second after that went on fine but more than three stitches seems to result in number #4 knocking number #3 off or something.

Help? This is not a problem the book anticipated.

I’m using this kit and I’m trying to make the cat on page 18.

Hi, Are you using 2 needles to cast on with? If so, try watching this video
don’t focus on how the lady is holding her yarn, just concentrate on how she puts the new stitch on the needle. Try to see if you can spot where your casting on is going awry.
Keep trying, don’t give up and best of luck. You’ll soon be flying along :grinning: