Cast On for Double Knit

I made a sport weight hat and a worsted weight hat, now I want a thick hat. (I can’t have just one baby sweater project going can I? :wink: )

I know you cast on twice the amount as normal for double-knit.
Do you do it in one color and add the other or is there a way to cast on in both colors (note this will be a hat so a stretchy cast on is needed).

How do you plan to make it - flat or circular? For flat knitting you CO the same number of sts then knit k1, sl 1 across all rows. I don’t know that you could do that in the round.

Circular is my plan.

I’m looking at patterns as a rough plan, and going on my successful caps since I know they fit.
The ones I’ve been looking at were circular and just say “cast on” twice the amount.

This cruise around the net I found one that specified in color A then add color B after.

I’m not sure how helpful this is, but currently I’m trying out the 2 socks in one using dpns from knitty - but the basic idea is double knitting.

The article has you cast on using both colors at once alternating between the two. The author casts on using dpns, but you can easily cast on with circulars instead.

Then instead of knitting the 2 cast-ons separately for the socks, you can start your double knitting. The article references the difference between double knitting standard and knitting 2 scoks at once and gives a rough sketch to demonstrate.

There are LOTS of ways to cast on for Double knitting…

[B]1–[/B]for a neat rolled edge, use a provisional cast, (1/2 number)

work a few rows of stocking knit in Color A.

pick up stitches from cast on edge in color B.

hold the two needles together (in a fashion similar to 3 needle bind off) Knit 1 (A) Purl 1 (B) (repeat)

this gives a rolled/tubular edge in color A.

[B]2–[/B]an other variation is to work long tail with 2 yarn, (A and B) and on row 1, split the yarns to Knit A, Purl B (2 stitches from 1)

[B]3–[/B]but my favorite, is a 2 color/knit and purl long tail.

see it here

and this is hardly a complete list of cast on methods… but is some ideas…

try each out and decide for your self which you like best!

Circular or DPN doesn’t really matter. I was pretty tight on my DPNs the last hat (big head) so I figured circular at least until I get a little meat to keep them from slipping off with even more stitches.

I like this idea,

Cheating is an option. In fact, it’s a dang good one. If you love long-tail cast on, or the directions below make you want to smash things, then cast on the requisite number of stitches from one ball onto one needle and the same number of stitches from the other ball onto another needle. Transfer those stitches to one needle, alternating between Ball A and Ball B.

I also like the 2 socks at once page since socks are my ultimate knitting goal. That makes this hat seem like more learning on the path there.
That’s a link for my ever growing knitting folder (my sister only crochets so the internet is my only lifeline).

I like the 2 color long tail but I couldn’t grasp what was going on.
I was trying to “invent” something like that earlier where I had both tails on my thumb and would alternate picking colors off the finger.
Maybe I’ll mess around with that some more.

Picking both colors and making them land right didn’t seem to have much stretch with my earlier experiments.