Cast on center sts

how do you cast on center 3 sts
I’m knitting a bracelet and the pattern reads
row 5: k5, bind off center 3 sts, knit to end (understand this row)
row 6: P5, turn, [U]cast on center 3 sts[/U], purl to end
it just doesn’t look right has a space in the row when I knit row 7.
It’s easy but not for me.

thanks you

It sounds like you’re making a slit, no?

You can either do a backward loop cast on for the 3, or a knitted or cable cast on. Amy has video of all 3.

It’s supposed to make a space, like a buttonhole. You can use a knitted CO, a cable CO or backwards loop to make those three sts. On the next row, just knit the new ones. After you’ve done a few rows, it will look better.