Cast on @ beginning of row

What’s the best way to cast on at the beginning of a row?

Most people seem to use the backward loop CO. You can find instruction in the basic techniques section tab at the top of the page.

thanks for your reply. I am new to knittinghelp-have been trying to figure everything out on my own. Silly me.

I turn my work (if it’s more than 3 stitches)
cast on the left needle
and then turn back around and resume knitting

What do you mean? If you turn your work you are just casting on the right needle then because it was your right now your left. I am a little confused and trying to understrand what you are saying. The working yarn is on your right needle so if you turn your work the left needle was your right so what is the difference by turning it. :??

uffda, I got ahead of myself…(I think)

Ok, you’ve just finished knitting a row, and all your knitting is on the right needle.

You want to turn your work like you are starting a new row, all the stitches are now on the left needle.

Instead of knitting what you’ve already knit, cast on the left needle the number of stitches required using the knit on method of casting on.

I use this method for more than 3 stitches, as the backwards loop method does 't give me much stability.

Then continue in your pattern stitches transfering the stitches as you normally would from the left needle to the right needle.

is that a clearer form of mud?? :slight_smile:

THanks, I get it now