Cast on at beg of next 2 rows

Hi everyone, I am using the backward loop to cast on 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows, I am ok on the Knit side, however my next row just happens to be a p row…So, do I use the same backward loop? Cause it’s lookin real “loopy”…Thanks for your help. Cheley

I prefer the cable or knit CO as they’re sturdier and none of the ‘loopy’ effect. Have you tried either of those?


Nope, would either work on the “beg” of an established row? In other words I have to [B]cast on[/B] an additional 4 sts on 2 rows…Thanks

Use the cable cast on. It would work. You’ll like it better.

Cable and knit CO are created from an existing stitch, which you have, and work well in this application.


:?? On Cable cast-on you start with a “slip knot” please tell me how (if I have existing sts) this would work…I am knitting a sleeve (actually finished)now I am [B]casting on[/B] additional sts too begin the “side” of the garment(cast on4 sts at beg of next 2 rows) work even end with WS [B]SHAPE RIGHT FRONT[/B]… (this is where I am)It’s a shrug done on 2 needles/one piece So, that’s why I did a backward loop, to get 4 more CAST ON sts…Any thoughts:hug:

Instead of starting with the slip knot, go to the next instructions for the CO where you’d already have 2 sts on the needle.

:doh: Thanks!!! Now back to my original question…my next row (row 2) is a “purl” row, which is also the RS of my work ( I am working in Reverse Stockinette) can/should I use this “cast on” on this side? Will I get my “bumps” Thank you

You can certainly use it as the CO sts will be in your seam.


Yes, go ahead, the CO sts likely won’t show so much as to disturb look of the purl side.