Cast On and Knitting w/ 2 needle sizes

I got a great baby garter stitch baby sweater pattern that i thought would be super simple for my 1st try until I read the directions…

“two needles sizes are used for casting on and knitting each row. The body stitches are worked with the larger needle, and the rolled edging is worked with the smaller needle”

I have search everywhere and haven’t found help on how to do this. Any advice much appreciated! I am so excited to begin this project, but don’t know how!


Alyssa :woot:

I think if you read further into the directions, you’ll find you cast on with the smaller needles and work the edging, then switch to the larger needles for the body of the piece (assuming it’s made bottom up). When you make that switch, you can just knit right off the smaller needles on to the larger ones.

That is what I don’t get. Knitting begins at the side seams. So you cast on 27 sts using the large cicular and then CO 4 using the smaller. THen you knit 4 sts with the smaller needle and then 27 using the larger needle.

This is probably way easier than I am making it…

Interesting - never saw a pattern like that, never even thought about it!

But it must be like you say then, CO 27 with the larger needles and then switch to the smaller for those last 4. When you are making the switch, you can just knit off the one size on to the next, it’s the receiving needle that determines the stitch size. I would place a marker, though, at the switch, just to make sure I didn’t absentmindedly continue knitting with the wrong size needle!

Any way you can post a link to the pattern, or even a pic of it, if it isn’t a freebie?

I’ve never heard of doing it that way either. But I can see how by using 2 circular needles - you’d knit the 4 on the smaller size, then drop that needle and continue your yarn with the other circ needle. I knit socks w/2 circ so it’s sort of similar, except you won’t be knitting in the round, just back and forth.


It is basically just a freebie. I will have to do some research on knitting with 2 ciculars. I am a novice to knitting and thought this would be a good easy first sweater.

Since this uses hemp which I have never worked with, I might just knit some swatches using both methods you suggested and see what i am most comfortable with. I will see if there is a video of using the 2 ciculars at the same time, so I can get an idea of how that works…

Thanks already for you advice and if you have any more thoughts, please do share…

oops, I meant…“the pattern is basically just a photo” - but that might give you guys an idea of what it looks like and where the needle size thing has its impact on the pattern…

The knitting with 2 circs part should not be a problem - you are just using circs to provide the length of the cable for the item (and probably to help you not lose stitches as you are knitting with the other needle), so just use them as you would straights.

If you research 2 circs, I suspect you will get a bunch of hits on socks (and other small diameter items) that are knit in the round, which is not the case here.