Cast on 3 stitches at beg of next 2 rows?

Okay, I understand how to cast on at the beginning of the row, and I am using a cable cast on to do that. But what does it mean to cast on at the beginning of the next two rows? The row I am casting onto is a knit row.

Do I cast on 3, then knit to the end, then cast on 3 again (which put the extra stitches on the other side) and continue to purl down the row?

If it helps I am knitting from this pattern (Warning: PDF file) for a doll of a video game character. The instructions are for the arm, after the increase row.

Oh, and thanks for any help you can give!


You will need to cast on 3 at the beginning of the first row mentioned, and knit to the end of that row.

When you turn your needle, you then cast on 3 at the beginning of the next row and knit to the end of the same row. (Or purl, because I am assuming you are continuing in stockinette stitch from the picture.)

To be frank, the pattern could be a bit clearer. :slight_smile:

So basically I will have three stitches added to either side, for a total of six cast on stitches? But it won’t be quite a mirror image because the second set of added stitches will be one row lower, right? Hopefully I can make it from here. Thanks!


It won’t matter if they’re off a row, and likely you’ll cast off sts from the side you added first, so they’ll probably end up having the same number of rows per side. If one’s off by 1/6 of an inch it won’t show.