"Cast on 1 sts over 11 sts on holder?"

I’m making these mittens:

It’s my first pair of mittens. Where it says “next round” after the increase rounds for the thumb gusset, it says, after moving 11 sts to the stitch holder, “cast on 1 sts over 11 sts on holder.” What on earth does that mean?


I think it means to ignore the stitches on the holder and cast on one stitch in their place. The 11 will be the thumb, so you want to leave a hole there and then keep going in a tube for the hand.

Ok, thanks. I’m really clueless when it comes to anything that’s not 100% clear. Mostly because I can’t visualize these things ahead of time, and just follow patterns step by step to get through them. I was thinking, where do I cast on, but I think i see :slight_smile:

I can’t visualize them either, usually, I just have to do them. :slight_smile: Just cast it on between the stitch before those 11 and the stitch after.

I love the picture of your kids in your avatar! So cute. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Yours is very cute too. Girls rule :wink:

Oh yeah, they totally rule! :slight_smile: Thanks! :slight_smile: