Cast off ribbing

So when y’all cast off after you’ve done some ribbing, let’s say k1p1, do you cast off in ribbing? For example, instead of k2 and pull 1st ST over second ST and continue on like that do you k1p1 then pull the k ST over the p ST? Then k1 and pull the P ST over the K ST? and on and on?

I cast off in ribbing pattern. Otherwise, your cast off edge might well bow out from the rest of the work.

I always cast off in the ribbing as well. Most of my patterns call for it in any case. I’d say it’s safest to do it that way.

thanks mama!!!

I am about to finish my first project tonight and never even thought about casting off in pattern!
I am so happy :smiley: that I looked here before I left for home!!!