Cast-off question

Hi everyone,
I would hugely appreciate it if an experienced knitter could help me with this!
I have just knitted the back of a child’s sweater, and am casting off at the back of the neck.
I had 52 stitches on my needle (which was correct).
For the last row, the instruction in the pattern said:

Cast of 12 sts, K27, cast off last 12 sts.
Sl remaining 28 sts onto a thread.

I have followed these instructions to the letter. However what I now have is one live stitch all on its own at the end of the row (this is where I have just finished casting off, and would usually draw the yarn through to make a knot), then my cast-off stitches, then 27 live stitches, then the rest of the cast-off ones.
Surely I should have 28 stitches all together, not one lonely one by itself at the end of a row, then a gap, then 27?! Should I have knitted 28 rather than 27 as it said, or is there a different way to cast off that I should use in this situation?

Hope this makes sense and that someone can help - thanks!


You’re very close. After you bind off the first 12sts, you’ll have one stitch left on the needle. Now knit the next 27sts so that you have 28sts on the right hand needle. To follow the directions you would bind off the following 12sts. Do this by knitting 2 more sts and lifting one stitch over the stitch at the tip of the right hand needle and off the needle. You’ll finish this bind off with one stitch left. Pull the yarn through.
That’s 12sts bound off at each side and 28 live sts in the center.

Thank you so much for this brilliant help. I think I get what you mean and will give it a go when I get back to my knitting tomorrow.
Thank you again!

It worked! Thank you again! Really happy.

Hi. This is my first time in this forum setting.
I kind of have the opposite problem…Cast ON.

I am knitting a baby cardigan sweater. Did wrap & turns for 1st time!
Now it had me K41 sts, place on stitch holder (for the back).
Then it wants me to CO 36sts (for a sleeve). I still have sts on my circular needle (to eventually be used…)

I have always used the “long tail” method to CO sts at the beginning of a project (have always done VERY simple projects).

So I’m not sure how to CO when my “live yarn” is hanging out from the stitch holder and I only have one piece of yarn to CO with??

Would appreciate any help a more experienced knitter can offer!
Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome!
It’s best to use a knit or cable cast on here for casting on in the middle of a row. You’re working yarn is at the end of the stitch holder, near the left hand needle tip. Snug it up to the left hand needle and cast on as shown in this video.

You won’t have to switch the needles in your hands because the yarn strand is already near the left hand needle tip.