Cast off in rib?

I actually haven’t started on this scarf yet, but I was reading through the pattern, and I don’t know how to do this…

here is the pattern:

Row 1 (RS): K6, [P5, K5] twice, K1
Row 2: K1, [P5, K5] twice, P5, K1
work 8 more rows in rib, change to color B, work 10 rows in rib, repeat 10 row pattern, blah blah blah ending with color B. cast off in rib.

how do I do that? I only know how to do the basic knit bind-off (and I knit English, if it helps to know that). I looked in the video section and the closest thing I found was the “Binding Off ‘In Pattern’” video, but won’t that make my ends look different? :think:

Make the stitches just like the pattern you were following.

You know how to do the knit cast offs. You knit and then cast off.
The purls are the same, you just do a purl stitch and then cast it off.

I think Tootles is worried that the cast off in rib end will look different than the original cast on end. I don’t know the answer to that.

yes! will it work to just do a knit cast off (and then they will look the same on both ends, right?)

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If the entire piece was worked in rib…or both your CO/BO edges…there shouldn’t be a marked diff as long as you follow the ‘BO in rib.’ What kind of CO did you do? If you’re concerned that the actual CO and BO match, there are certain combos that visually match better than others. A crochet CO is virtually an identical match to a chain BO. If you do a LT CO, then a sewn BO looks quite similar (then you wouldn’t do BO in rib). Be mindful that your CO and BO have the same elasticity. Some knitters do one tighter than the other. Or one might tend to flare while the other draws in.


will it work to just do a knit cast off

If you do your BO in K only and the previous rows were done in rib, the edge will flare. You need the ribbing continued to maintain the elasticity of the K/Ps.


When you cast off in ribbing, those sts lie more on the edge than on the RS or WS like the do when you BO in knit or purl. Casting off is only the part where you bring the 1st st over the 2nd one instead of leaving them on the needle, so it’s just like working another row in pattern otherwise.

I haven’t started yet, so I can do whichever kind will work best. I usually do the LT CO, but I don’t think I know how to do a sewn BO…:think: