Cast iron pot holder pattern

Hi all.
I am looking for an easy way to knit little cozies for the handle on my cast iron skillets. My mom has 3 and I have 3 and it would be so nice if I could knit something to fit over the handles so we don’t get burned every time we touch them. I did try knitting something with just a single layer of yarn. Worsted weight with size 8 needles. Is there a simple way to maybe double up on the yarn w/o knitting 2 cozies and then sewing one inside the other? Maybe I need thicker yarn, or smaller needles.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Why not try doubling up the yarn. Knit it with two strands instead of one of the worsted. That should thicken it up enough to be able to hold the handle. Let me know how it works out and what you did because I too have a cast iron skillet and would love to make a cozy for the handle. Thanks in advance!

I suggest using a double strand of wool and making a felted cover. My double stranded wool pot holder works very well. The single strand you can still feel the heat through. Maybe something along the lines of a cell phone cozy, but longer and w/o the flap and handle. :think:

If you have Cat Bordhi’s book “A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting” she has a section of ‘felted needle cozies’ for straight needles. They make great cast iron handle covers also!!! She tells how to make different sizes.

Oooh, this is such a great idea! I am going to try this, I never thought of felted wool cast iron pot holders-thanks for bringing this up!

I just happen to have a stash of WOA (and a bunch of cast iron skillets!) that I can use for this. Thanks again for the idea!

I’d rather not use wool. I am kind of on a tight budget until after the first of the year. I’ll have to use the cheap stuff I have a whole stash of it. I will try using 2 strands instead of 1 thanks for the idea.

Can you felt it without it being wool? How do you felt? Never done it before.

I think I’ll just measure the diameter of the handle, and see how many stitches per inch I have, then I should be pretty close to making it the right size, just have to work on length. I also plan to work in the round so no seam, except for the very end which I can tie together.

Thanks again for the help.:yay: :happydance:

I would suggest using a rug yarn. I crocheted one a long time ago out of a type of rug yarn that wouldn’t burn, and it was a good thing because I ended up melting the end of it.

Would I still have to double up on the yarn if I use rug yarn?

I guess it will depend on the size needles you use. You’ll have to experiment with it to figure out what works. Let me know if you try it.

Here is a link to a pot handle cover you might want.

I’ll look for more, cuz I want to know too!