Cashmere questions

would like personal experience/feedback on how to best block a cashmere/silk blend.

so far i’ve read online that it’s best to use a small amount of a gentle cleanser like woolite or mild shampoo, in cool/tepid water:

swish, squeeze (but don’t wring)
let sit for a few
squish excess out (still no wringing)
rinse clear in cool/tepid water
squish excess out again (seriously - do. not. wring.)
towel burrito

yes, no, maybe?

and does that help the yarn ‘bloom’ as well?

thanks! :wink:

I use Euclan or a similar wash for sweaters including cashmere. I was advised by my LYS a long time ago not to ever use Woolite because it is too harsh. Your plan sounds good otherwise and the yarn sounds gorgeous.

thanks for the quick feedback. my jo-ann and hobby lobby don’t carry that kind of wool wash, so will start checking with the specialty shops in the area, or i have time to order online - i’m only about 25% done with the project. :wink:

I also use Eucalan. I bought it on Amazon and got the eucalyptus scent. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but using only a cap full lasts a long time! I’ve had this bottle for a year or not so price is worth it!

I’ve heard that Soak is a good one, but haven’t tried it.

thanks for the amazon link! the eucalyptus would definitely be preferable, for me, and if just a capful does the trick, then the price is fine.

Does it have a strong eucalyptus smell and does it linger for long?

In my opinion is a pretty light scent. I usually rinse even though it says you don’t have to. I don’t have a lot of knitwear to wash, but I don’t remember it being strong.

X, the link went to lavender. I think prices were different for different scents for some reason. There are other places that sell it on Amazon.

it’s ok, i found the eucalyptus right after, when i looked at what else amazon carried by that brand. :wink:

i was going to add, for GG, on a totally unrelated note, but the eucalyptus made me think of it…

that instead of febreeze, i regularly use OdoBan. it’s also eucalyptus scent, and disinfects, which few ‘cleaners’ really do. (seriously… only original pinesol is a disinfectant… funky fun tooti frooti pine sols are cleaners but don’t disinfect. same with ‘fabuloso’ brand, about half the lysol products… if they don’t explicity state ‘disinfectant’ then they don’t.). it’s been great for older items, a few goodwill finds, outdoor cushions, and especially stuff from my grandma and aunts (something about the cats linger, even after laundering). i get it at walmart. the scent is strong for the first day, but after that it tones down considerably. sometimes i leave stuff in the garage or laundry room with the overhead fan on.

Thanks for the info. I must avoid eucalyptus since it gives me a nasty headache. I saw the lavender Eucalan. That I’m interested in. I’m pretty sure Eucalan uses real essential oils. Lavender essential oil is good for lots of things including athlete’s foot. I have some olive oil and lavender soap that I might use when I have to do hand wash wool. Speaking of which, I currently am using Ecos brand laundry detergent - made in Centralia! - that’s lightly scented but it’s OK because it is light and I don’t notice a smell when I pull the laundry out of the washer. This stuff’s all plant based (probably worse for the environment to produce it than petrochemicals but what the heck) and I think a drop or two of it would do for handwashing woolens. I know it cleans well for me in the washer.

“…this post is 100% organic: 65% baby seal, 25% panda and 10% manatee…”

Never underestimate the power of the dark side.

ah, see, i misunderstood why you were asking… for me it’s the reverse - the eucalyptus is fine, but the lavendars, lilacs, roses, gardenias, etc give me headaches. for laundry i use whatever middle-range brand is on sale with coupons, as long as i can get it in the unscented/undyed variety, and even then, everything gets a 2nd rinse in the washer. i’m so sensitive… :wink:

i know, let the outraged hate mail begin… :wink:

I can’t stand the stench of most laundry detergents and most of them don’t get odors out well for me. I used All for a long time because it got rid of odors better. Then my daughter told me that products using essential oils remove odors better so with a coupon I tried one of the brands I used to make a face over :eyes: - I mean, really? pay that much more? why? - and I found it lasts a long time because I use less. The bottle I have now was around $12 at Costco (give or take a buck or two, I got it last August) and it will probably last a year with the front loader.

I had something from my sister’s house that she’d washed to make sure it was ready to go when I got it. I had to rewash it to get rid of the detergent stench. YUCK!!!

And don’t get me started on “air fresheners” - you’ve been warned.
I smoke and therefore am supposed to not be able to smell as well. Sometimes I really wish it were true.

X, I thought your tag line was hilarious! Lol

GG, I’d stick to scent free if you’re that sensitive. I have some lavender and cedarwood essential oils on order. I’m usually not a fan of lavender and my daughter says cedarwood smells like cat pee so it may be an expensive experiment. Supposed to help sleep.

Essential oils mostly aren’t a problem and finding totally fragrance free and affordable is difficult at best. Essential oil smells dissipate pretty quickly compared to the imitation ones.

I can’t really tell that lavender helps me sleep but it doesn’t keep me awake at least, and cedar makes me think of campgrounds and pet cages lol. Let us know how your experiment works, please.

A big problem for me is anything perfumed on my skin. The smell tends to get stronger and stronger as the day wears on until I have to go shower again. Soaps with mild fragrance especially ones with real essential oils work best for me since true unscented is rare.

Okay. My daughter puts a drop of lavender on her wrists and behind ears. I’ll probably try that. I was told layering the two scents works soon we shall see. I don’t really want to smell like cat pee or a pet cage. :zombie: Although I’m hoping what you mean are the shavings you put in the bottom of a cage not the added liquid. Lol

I don’t recall that I ever smelled the liquid. I men cedarwood oil.

By liquid I meant the liquid an animal leaves… So urine or cat pee. Ick. I’ll let you know how the oil smells.