Cashmere Body Wash

I really like the new body wash by Softsoap, called “Pure Cashmere”.

But, I’m wondering…what is “cashmere extract”? :??

Is it grease from a goat? Goat sweat? :ick:

I googled “cashmere extract” and found the following in the faq section of “

[color=darkred]What is cashmere extract and where does it come from?

Goats have two layers of hair. The inner layer of their hair is soft and is referred to as cashmere. Cashmere extract consist of proteins taken from this inner layer of goat hair.[/color]

There you go!


Hmmm… proteins from the goat hair.

Sounds like grease or sweat to me!

The reason I say that is because I’m a spinner. I’ve seen plenty of sheep hair. And it’s WAY greasy before you clean it.

I have the hand soap and it makes my hands SO soft! I wash them about 10,000 times a day (ok, maybe it just feels like it) and since I started using that soap my hands don’t feel so dried out. So whether it’s goat grease or sweat or proteins, I don’t care. :roflhard:

:rofl: I saw that soap just recently too and had a similar reaction!

Well considering that silk comes from the behinds of worms, and we gladly use that, cashmere extract doesn’t sound THAT bad.

Hey! I use that goat sweat soap. It smells super good and it has the perfect amount of moisture for me. Doesn’t dry my skin out, but it’s not so moisturized that my skin breaks out in unsightly acne.

True! :rofl:

True! :rofl:[/quote]

And honey is bee vomit! Where’s the toast!

Oh wow. I always thought honey was bee spit. Vomit is way grosser.

most soap and meds etc are made from really really gross things.

for instance did you know that premarin is made from a mares urine? YUCK

i do love this soap though. skin so soft times one million!

Oooh, I figured the “cashmere” thing was just some gimmick. I’m putting that soap on my list! Thanks folks! (It may be the only cashmere I can ever afford! :rofl:)

:rofl: rofl: Same here!!!

Goat Grease :ick: I’ll never be able to look at SoftSoap quite the same way :wink: :rofl:


You know that Lanolin is a great hand cream? I know some people are allergic to it but its the stuff that norwegian fishermen use for chapped hands!

I never knew honey was bee vomit! Ewww but it tastes sooo good!

I saw something recently about a hairdresser here in the UK treating hair with cashmere extract - I guess its the same thing. The hairdresser was charging stupid money to have the treatment.

You know you can probably afford some cashmere from Colormart UK an ebay seller - they have cashmere at some pretty reasonable prices! I got 2 cones and a 3rd for free from them. The “free” cone will be a scarf one day. The two other cones are a cashmere cotton blend - I was thinking socks =P