Cascade Yarns Longwood Aran

Does anyone have any experience with this yarn? I got in my mind to knit my sister an afghan for Christmas. Fell in love with the Like Buttah Blanket.
I happily ran off to the LYS and found Cascade Longwood on sale, 50% off! Rashly purchased 11 skeins of a beautiful lavender color only to come home and find the reviews on Ravelry aren’t very good. And of course sale yarn isn’t returnable. I’m hoping it’s a case of only hearing the bad, no one bothers to post the positives. Hope someone here has something good to share! In the meantime, I’m working up a sizable swatch in pattern to see how it fares a trip through the washer and dryer. Thanks for any input you can offer!


I find reviews have to be used as a guide, I think you are doing the right thing making a swatch and giving it a test wash. I have not used that particular yarn but I have used Cascade yarn and I have found it to be a good quality yarn. The pattern is beautiful and will look adorable in lavender, your sister is a lucky girl. Go with your instinct, happy knitting.

Thank you flknit5! That’s what I was hoping to hear…I also consider reviews as a guide and often take them with a grain of salt. I’ve used and loved Cascade yarns in the past so was hopeful that I hadn’t make a huge mistake. Thanks for your time in replying!