Cascade 220 superwash

Has anyone ever used this yarn? Is it soft? I got an email this morning and this is a pretty good deal based on prices I found online.
Cascade 220 superwash at One Fine Yarn

its soft for wool. its not alpaca soft! i like it.

this isnt the superwash but right now this deal cant be beat for cascade.

It feels fairly soft, but does not wear well at all. It actually gets rougher and pillier as it ages.

I really believe that you get what you pay for. (Unless you find a top quality yarn on major clearance!) You will never regret knitting with the good stuff. :slight_smile:

(And 220 is only the good stuff if you are felting.)

Thanks! I might have to try some… :thinking:

I just found this, too! Such pretty colors!
Ornaghi Filati Cabo Verde

thats good to know bc i was planning on buying some for a sweater. i like the way it feels at the store.

what about the lambs pride. how does that hold up for a sweater?

Ahhh good to know! Thanks!

I agree. I was working on a sock in C220 Superwash, and I kept ripping back (first sock!) and the more I used the yarn the “fuzzier” it became. I ended up abandoning the sock, because I thought the pilling would get worse faster on a sock. It IS very soft though. A hat might be a better accessory :slight_smile:

this yarn is good for bags . i made couple of bags with it. came out really good

Lambs Pride definitely wears better than 220. It is 15% mohair, and mohair adds luster and strength to wool. For a few hundred years, mohair was used in high end upholstery for its softness and durability.