Carrying yarn up the side of the work

Hello all:

I am going to make a triangular scarf out of some LO yarn (interlacements tiny toes) and the colorways, although they are the same dyelot, really don’t match. I’m going to alternate between the two skeins I have but I don’t know how to carry strand one up the side of the work while I’m knitting a row or two with strand two. How do you do that???

Thanks for any help!


You would knit 2 rows with each strand, so you change at the same edge. Loosely wrap the two strands around each other. I think there’s a video for working with 2 yarns/colors on the Tips page.

That’s great, I’ll give it a try. I just weighed my leftovers and I only have 100 yards or so, not enough for the patterns I wanted to use. I’m just going to knit a thin scarf, unless you know of a pattern for a small triangle scarf???

Thanks a bunch!!

There’s a couple small triangle scarves on Ravelry. One is Baktus at - and there’s a lacy version -

The book Scarf Style has one called the Collar scarf that starts at the lower edge and incs by casting on sts.

Thanks so much! I’ll look at those after I put the critters to bed. I tried “triangle scarf” as a search and didn’t come up with a small one and then looked for “neckerchief” and came up with nothing.

I knew they must be out there!!!


Try ‘kerchief’. There’s been a discussion on them in this threadat the Knittyboard. I think you have to be logged in to even look at them though.

AH HAAA!! That did the trick! Thanks so much! Many, many to choose from!!!

The arrowhead shawl from Knitting Daily might be small enough.