Carrying yarn across back of blanket on stripes

I’m knitting a blanket. First 30 st are cream. Next 12 st are taupe with a pattern inside.Then next 96 st are cream. How do I carry the cream yarn across behind the 12 st that are taupe without showing on back? Since the back side will show also, I can’t just let the yarn run across those 12 st. on the back side. I have to weave it in somehow & cant figure this out. Can anyone help please? Thanks so much!

The neatest way to do this is the intarsia technique. You would use 2 balls of the cream color, one on each side of the taupe.

Thanks so much. I was trying to make my question more simple but it’s more complicated than that! :confounded:. So, here goes:

The color of this yarn was exactly what I wanted but a little too thin so I’ve been using two strands. Partly why this is such a mess.

I have 6 st of taupe for the border all around blanket. So I have a small ball of taupe in a ziplock bag on each side just for that.

Then two balls of cream yarn for the middle section. So I had six balls of yarn total.

Now I get to the 12 st where I want to use taupe so I can make owls going up vertically in that separate section. So I added two more balls of taupe. Then I’m continuing with the two balls of cream all across the rest of the blanket til I get to the 6 st of taupe for the left border. That would be using 10 balls of yarn. I just absolutely do nothing but unwind & unscramble balls of yarn. I thought that if I could carry that cream across when I’m using the taupe for the owl section - that I could eliminate having two more balls of yarn. But I’ve tried every way I know to weave that cream in as I’m knitting across the owl section, hoping to pick up the cream at the end, but nothing looks nice. If it wasnt a blanket that shows on the back side, I wouldnt worry about how it looks on the back.

I’ve recently spent a lot of time rolling each color of two balls together into one ball to cut in half the balls I’m carrying. So that would get me down to 5 balls if I separate the owl stripe with a separate ball of cream on each side.

I’ve been so frustrated, I’m ready to rip out the whole thing & start on something else.


I first knit the owl section in cream & thought about knitting OVER the owl part in taupe. But once done, the cable part looked too difficult to try to accomplish.

Your thoughts please! Thanks so much!