Carry yarn or cut each row?

Annies Attic…Peruvian Ruana Pattern

I emailed Annies Attic and asked them if you carry the yarn or cut and change colors before I order the pattern, but the reply was they do not know.
Has anyone knit this and if so, please let me know. Thank you.

It would depend on how often you change colors. If it’s just a few rows, 2 or 4, you can carry them. If it’s more than 6 rows, it would probably be better to cut them. Looking at the picture it seems as though you change every 2 rows.

thanks, so one can carry the yarn up the sides ok without looking bulky. Cutting and re starting all the time seems like a pain.

Yes to both questions. If it’s just a couple rows it shouldn’t be too noticeable. You might want to practice on a piece before the pattern arrives. CO about 20 sts in 1 color, knit 2 rows, then start color 2 and knit 2 rows and so on. You lightly twist one color around the other so they don’t make a loose loop on the edge.

Those things look pretty flappy/loose so just be careful where you carry the yarn so it doesn’t show, too.

I have not seen a knitted Ruana, they do look loose, and I hadn’t thought of that showing the threads. Wonder if it stays on when wearing it or will it one of those things that are uncomfortable. thanks for info.