Caron Spa Yarn

Does anyone know if Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joanne’s carry the new Caron yarn called “Spa”.

My Hobby Lobby has a space for it next to their new Bamboospun, but it hasn’t shown up yet. So they do plan on carrying it.

I found some at a local AC Moore. Haven’t seen any sign of it at Michael’s and I don’t have a HL. It’s VERY soft. I actually have finished a scarf with it. The only thing I don’t like about it (so far) is it spit really bad. But it’s so soft I’ll probabably just deal with it for future projects.

Funny you said that, Wanda-- you read my mind. I haven’t seen it up close, but the photos and content description made me think, uh-oh, I bet this is going to drive some people mad. Meaning, I have knit with both Lionbrand’s Microspun and Moda Dea’s Bamboo Wool, and both are extremely soft, but also extremely “splitty” and this sounds like a cross between them. I personally don’t mind that, but I know a lot of folks really dislike those 2 other yarns for that reason.

I work at JoAnn and we carry it. However, you might have to go to one of the large Joann stores.


My local A.C.Moore’s carries it and their new natural line.

I haven’t seen the Caron Spa yarn yet? what is the content of it?

I saw this at a Pat Catan’s, and was going to buy some but when I was “feeling it up” I noticed one of the ends was sticking out and it was pretty frayed. I hate knitting with yarn that does that… but it is wonderfully soft!!

Here ya go:

JoAnne’s is Arlington,TX does carry the new Spa & Country blends. Check out Caron website for patterns to use with these yarns.
K. Ojeda