Caron Simply Soft

This yarn is so nice and soft. I have a question for everyone who uses this yarn. Does it split when you are using it? The plies come untwisted from each other and I have to keep re-twisting it as I’m working otherwise I get little knots of yarn. I’ve used several skeins and this happens. Is it just me?

I use this a lot for Charity blankets. It does split a bit for me, but I have never had a problem with it. Good luck!

I am using it right now for the first time for a lapghan I am making for charity. It actually has knitted up better than the more exspensive washable wool ease that I have been knitting with also.

That’s normal for it. To minimize the untwisting, make sure you’re not always turning your work the same direction when you come to the end of a row. That can make it worse. It is splitty, but doesn’t bother me; I found if you knit on a little larger needle, it seems to split less.

It’s not uncommon for softer yarns to do that. I like it so I deal with it.

I’ve made several scarves with it on US10 needles, and it has never really split for me. I quite like it, actually… it knits up nicely, and it comes in such pretty colors.

I use larger needles to knit with too, and I think that’s one of the reasons it doesn’t split so much. If you use size 7 or 8, seems like it would split more readily as the sts are smaller and closer together.

I tried to use it for a sweater once and it split terribly. Like others I think if you use it with larger needles it works better. It’s a shame because I love how soft it is.

Don’t get me wrong. I do like this yarn. I just wondered why it untwisted. I use size 8 needles but the pattern calls for 7. My knitting is tight so I go up a size.

I just kind of retwist the yarn sometimes before a the next several stitches. I don’t have too much trouble with it though. I use pointy needles though so maybe that helps. :shrug:

I’ve used it for everything from Baby Booties to mitts to hats! I love it. You get used to it’s splitty-ness and develop your technique around it.

Are you using from the inside of the skein or the outside? This may be the reason it is untwisting. This is not one of my favorite yarns, but that is another story.

I, too, love it – it’s inexensive, washes well, and is so soft it’s great fot those washable babies and kids clothes. I’ve never had an issue with twisting or splitting. (I doubt if it’s you, though!

Part of the reason the yarn is so soft is because the twist isn’t very “hard”, which is also part of the reason why it untwists on you. :slight_smile: