Caron Simply Soft

I am so bad at knowing whether a particular yarn is good for a project. Is Caron Simply Soft good for just about anything? Scarves, hats, mittens etc??? I have heard this yarn mentioned on this forum a lot and this weekend I was in Michaels (we don’t have one close to me) and I bought some just because it felt so good, the color was wonderful and I had heard a lot of you talk about the yarn, so now I want to knit something with it!!!


I use it for scarves and hats all the time, and it works great. It’s just good if you need something worsted weight, at an affordable price, and washable. It’s much softer than most acrylics, and very afforable if you need a lot of something. I can’t say I’d like an all-acrylic sweater or socks, but for things like hats, scarves, baby items, blankets, etc. I think Simply Soft is a great choice.

I’ve used it a lot for baby hats and sweaters and I love it. It washes beautifully and gets even softer if that is possible. And the color choice is fabulous!

There will always be people who don’t like one yarn or the other, even well loved yarns so don’t let it sway you too much. If you aren’t sure get one skein and test it and see if you like the way it works up.

It’s one of my favorite general purpose yarns.

I love this yarn–I’ve made several vests out of it and they are very pretty and soft.


One thing though… any acrylic yarn won’t be as warm as wool or woll blends and if it gets wet it’s not insulating like wool. If you live in a cold climate and want to make hats, mittens, scarves, etc keep that in mind. If it’s thick and dry it would probably be okay if it’s not extremely cold. :thumbsup:

I’ve made several full cardis with it…as well as numerous scarves…turned out great. Of the many pieces I’ve made with it all but one were for others and they were very pleased with the fabric. Personally I’m not keen on the sheen (I prefer a dull look to my yarns).


I used it for the pecan pie beret and’s Garden Paths shawl. It worked nicely for both. I won’t probably use it again unless my stash runs out or I’m making a blanket. I prefer knitting with wool, even cheap, coarse wool.

I absolutely hate simpy soft yarn. Mine unravels and becomes frizzy. I will never knit with it again.

I think you’re in the minority here, but it just leaves more for us who love it. :thumbsup:

There’s two kinds of Simply Soft and I think there’s a bit of difference between them. The regular weight has never given me any problems and I think it’s lovely. I’ve used the super bulky Quick version too, and I found that split quite a bit and wasn’t very fun. It knits up super fast hats, but I don’t know that I’d mess with it again.

The only thing that’d make me love Simply Soft more is if it was just a tad bulkier. I’m a big fan of bulky yarns and it always seems a little thin to me. Totally a matter of personal preference, though.

I use Simply Soft for my Baby blankets that I give at baby showers. I have given them to my Nephews when they were born and it washes well and doesn’t look worn after several washes. It is my “go to” yarn for many projects just because it is so soft and affordable. I can crochet a baby blanket for $10 -$15 even less if I am knitting. The Simply Soft Quick is an okay yarn but I only use it once in a great yarn because it seems to be fussy. Again if your careful with it, you can knit up some really cute hats and scarfs really quick.

I love it! I have made all kinds of things for my extremely itch-sensitive children out of SS, and they love wearing it. And, it’s washable! I’ve never had problems with it splitting.

The Simply Soft Shadows and I think tweed are a bit heavier than the regular. Not a bulky, but not a thin worsted either.

And the Shadows just looks so cool. :mrgreen:

Yep, it does.

Ooh, good to know!! I’ve been searching and searching for a yarn to use on an Irish Hiking Scarf that a) has a nice drape and sheen; b) is totally washable and c) has at least a worsted or heavy worsted weight. I’m having a hard time finding one that meets all the criterion, so I’m going to give those ones a second look. :slight_smile:

I used the CSS Shadows for an Irish Hiking Scarf and I think it turned out ok.

Oh, wow, I [I]love[/I] that! I love how subtle the striping is - it doesn’t take away from the cables of the scarf at all. Guess who’s going to the store after work? :slight_smile:

Oh my, that is beautiful! I want one!!!

Ah, too many projects, too little time!