Caron Simply Soft

Does anyone else think that this yarn leans more toward dk than worsted? Or is it just me? I know it says worsted, but it always seems lighter to me.

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Not for me. They’re airy so if you knit them tight the finished size can be smaller. Size 8 needle sweaters are about the same size strands as Red Heart Super Saver, size 9 is larger.

They do to me, too. I haven’t used them in years, but I do remember that.

I agree. I don’t know why they keep labeling it a “4” instead of a “3”. I’ve combined it with a 3 before and they work well together.

But that’s just me

I agree. I am knitting an afghan for my granddaughter, and I am using size 7 needles instead of 8’s. I really like the yarn, and enjoy knitting with it.

I’ve used this yarn for years, it’s actually my “go to” yarn for many projects. There is a Caron Simply Soft Light yarn that is a dk weight #3 and there is a Caron simply soft yarn that is a worsted #4, yarns are graded by a WPI system that is standard in the industry, worsted weight yarns are designated as being a 9 WPI. I do know what you mean by it feeling lighter as compared to other yarns of the same weight. I actually find Red Heart Super saver heavy for a worsted weight and use it in patterns that call for Aran weight yarn which is 8 WPI.

It does to me too. But I like it.