Caron Simply Soft Shadows Autumn (0004)

I have been searching the internet and every yarn shop with in 100 miles of me and I have discovered that caron no longer makes the soft shadows in “autumn 0004”

I have a project that I am 2 skeins short on its a sweater and there is absolutely no way I can finish it with out two more skeins of this yarn.

I know this is a long shot but does anyone by chance have any of this yarn available? I have pay pal and I would be forever grateful! thanks again,

It’s still on their website. Strange that you can’t find it anymore. :??

You might try online. Here’s one place that says they have it. Since it’s either discontinued or out of stock I’d check this one quickly and buy it if they have it.

Alternatively, this person on Ravelry is selling a few skeins… possibly more. If you aren’t on Ravelry do join and then contact this woman immediately.