Caron Simply Soft Quick - afghan?

Herschnerrs has some of this on sale - I am thinking about making a throw for #1 son as he goes off to college - anybody ever use this stuff? Any pattern ideas???

I love the caron simply soft, it knits up very soft. I’m using the brites green to make my 2 year old a sweater. He picked out the color and it will be my first one piece sweater. They sell it at Wal-Mart for $2.07 here in NM and there’s 315 yards to a skein. curious to know what you think.

It is very soft and washes very well but I don’t think it would be very warm.

Warm won’t really matter - we are talking teenage boy here - just something to wrap up with is what I am looking for :slight_smile:

I think Simply Soft can be used for anything. Especially babies and teenage boys htat end to be…um…well…messy and you need to be able to just throw it in the washer. It is also very soft and comes in lots of funky colors. I don’t think they make differnt sizes (dk, worsted, chunky :?? ) but you can always double strand and make a chunky afghan before he goes to school. I say go for it :thumbsup:

I saw that they came out with a Simply Soft Quick yarn.

Oh well - its cheap- if I order too much can always donate :slight_smile: