Caron Simply Soft-How does it wash?

I’ve got a baby blanket I need to make and the budget can not handle a $40 blanket, but this is a very good friend and I want this blanket to be of the best quality I can afford.

If I wait I can afford something a little more pricey (sp?) but if I wait, it may not get done in time for the baby. Any opinions on this one?

I have washed a item before I gave it away and it washed up beautifully :yay:

I’ve crochet 2 blankets with it and washed them many times over the last 6 months and they’re great!

The only thing to watch out for is a super hot dryer: when I used the dryer at my apartment complex’s cheap laundry facility, I nearly scorched Marie’s Bumble Bee sweater made in that yarn. The sheen vanished. Note: all the previous times I washed the sweater, I didn’t let it dry all the way and it turned out fine. The time I nearly scorched it, I had forgotten about it till it was almost too late. So, it IS possible to damage the yarn…