Caron Lucky Horseshoe Cable Knit Hat

Rnd 1 * P1, K1bl* for 2 inches

Need Explanation for Rib 3 and Rib 2 in pattern:

Rnd 2
M1 *Rib 3 sts, M1, Rib 2 sts. M1. Rep from * to last 7 sts. (Rib 2 sts, M1) 3 times. K1tbl.

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“Rib” stitches in pattern means to maintain the pattern that you have been working in previous rounds. Yours seems to be P1, K1tbl rib so look at the knitting and continue the columns of knit or purls for the given number of sts, either 3 stitches or 2 stitches in your rib pattern.

Often these instructions with increases occur as you switch from ribbing to the main pattern stitch.

Thank you very much. I’ve never seen that in a pattern before.

Still not understanding the pattern directions for the last 7 sts…
(Rib 2 sts, M1) 3 times, M1.
(Rib 2 sts, M1) 3 times. K1tbl Wouldn’t this actually be last 10 sts?

Make 1 (M1) is made by lifting the strand between sts.
“…to last 7 sts. (Rib 2 sts, M1) 3 times. K1tbl.”

Rib 2 uses 2 sts
M1 doesn’t use a stitch
These are repeated 3 times so that uses 6 sts
K1tbl uses one stitch
That’s a total of 7sts.

Here’s a video for a M1 that may help.

I was knitting into the front and back of a knit stitch, so was doing the M1 incorrectly.

I only have to take out 1 row and I’ll be back on track.

Thanks again for you help.

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