Caron cakes

I bought my first caron cakes yarn today. Love the colours. Bonus Michaels had them $4 off! Here it is

I will be making a shawl. Can’t wait to see the how the colours come out.

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Me too!

That’s so pretty! :heart_eyes:

Love it! It has the feel of the ocean and the last days of summer to me.

Me too…I could not believe how soft it is!

Makes me want to run out to purchase some.

LOL!!! Exactly what I did.

These cakes aren’t really good for gloves unfortunately I found out the hard way they are pilling so badly after one week of wearing :frowning:

But shawls come out so pretty on them. Which shawl will you be making, as soon as I buy the pattern I will be making myself the hitchhiker :smiley:

Love the look of the Hitchhiker scarf! It should be lovely in Caron Cakes.

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Isn’t it just I have this LOVELY blue grey color Lincraft cake that I am DYING to use for this particular pattern!

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