Caron cakes

I have been hearing a lot about Caron cakes lately. So how do they work? Something I make would be a different size from someone else. Yet it still self stripes?
I was thinking of a hat. Yes I am the hat lady now…thanks Jan! Not the cat lady, although I love my grandcats. Is it soft yarn? Seems I read somewhere
Problems with Caron cakes. Any thoughts and/or pictures anyone?

Haha! You’re welcome!

I hadn’t even heard of Caron Cakes, but looked them up on Google. Any self striping yarn has the same issue. Each color segment of the yarn is a certain length. They can all be the same length or different lengths per color or random lengths as the yarn designer/company desires.

If you were to make a baby hat or sleeve the stripes would be wider because there are less stitches in each round so you make more rounds. If you make an adult hat they are narrower. If you make a sweater they will be very narrow or possibly not even go around.

Pictures… look up the yarn on Ravelry. Click on projects and then select pullovers. You can see the difference on the sleeves vs body on some of them. Some seem to have been altered to make them even, but some it’s obvious.

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The color runs are fairly long in Caron Cakes (Sweet Roll too). If you made a baby hat it would be one or at most two colors. The yarn is very soft but, having tried it once, i can’t say I’d go to it again. Others are very fond of it so i’d say, worth a try.

Makes sense! I never realized you could access specific yarn on ravelry. I must take time to look thru the entire site. Quite amazing reference site!
P.s. Can’t find your sheep

This is the sheep. Not sure why it doesn’t show up without a search on my page. Huh. I’m in the process of making the African flowers for it. This is the pattern BTW…not mine. Mine is still in pieces.

I made a baby blanket using Caron Cakes and was very surprised how nicely it came out. I used a free knit pattern from Plymouth yarn.
I enjoyed the pattern so much that bought two more Cakes with pinks and purples. I’ll send that when the size shows off the stripes more. I just started it.

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Terrific blanket. It really shows the strped pattern very nicely. Thanks for the photo.

Absolutely beautiful! I will definitely pick one up to try.

Thanks ladies! Here’s another picture of the second blanket. Bright colors huh?! I do like working with Caron Cakes. Nice yarn. I machine washed gentle with Woolite and machine dried it too on low. I put a dry bath towel in the dryer. No problems.


Love the colors and this fabulous blanket! It reminds me of a desert sunset.
Your work is so beautifully even. Well done.

That is so pretty! I am going to buy one to try.
Would one be enough for an adults hat?

Oh definitely! More than enough. I only use two for this blanket pattern. There’s 383 yds. or so in the Caron Cakes. I know there’s others out there now. I’m not sure of their yardage. AC Moore has Sweet Rolls which look smaller. Good luck. Post your hat when finished. I’d love to see it.

Hi again Bluejaygirl…I had a thought after posting my first reply to you. I know there would be more than enough yarn for a hat but my thought is- I’m not sure you’d get the striping as I did with the blankets. There’s a lot of yardage for each color before it changes. I didn’t have to cut between color changes. That’s why I liked this pattern so much. Seemed to be written for Caron Cakes. The hat is a smaller project so I’m not sure how’d you’d want to handle that.

Than you KES123! I will post it for sure.
Right now I have 2 hats on the go and yesterday my sister surprised with with a bunch of Bernat softee chunky for making hats for the charity. At least the Caron Cakes are smallish to fit in a purse so dh doesn’t have a cardiac moment of yet more yarn. :wink:

Good point. Some say with an adult hat I may get two stripes. Would be an adventure. Maybe it would be one colour or perhaps the crown just different. Learning experience either way. Will post for sure. Will make sure I get one with the first colour being a colour I really like, if possible.