Carding Issue?


Lolla wool up close.


25 yards, not great, but interesting practice.


Gorgeous wool and spinning @Secuono. :inlove: You and @mullerslanefarm are making me crave spinning. I am pretty amateur, and haven’t touched it in ages, but you’re reminding me why I picked it up in the first place. Yummy yummy fiber. Mmmm…


I’m a complete newbie to it all! But it’s fun!


Try plying the yarn. That will take out the little bit of extra twist you have in the single AND with the extra twist gone, may make the yarn a bit softer.

For ‘single yarns’ (non-plied), try to only have just enough twist to hold the yarn together. This is harder to do with short staple fiber.

You really don’t need to use the groove in the whorl … none of my spindles have one.

Your felted sheep look wonderful!!! I think they look like baby southdowns!!!

Oh, the Crimp in that fiber! :swoon:


I way, way over twist it. After it dries, I let it untwist the excess 2ft at a time. Lol, IDK what I’m doing. =) I guess you can say I’m piddling around still.

Everything falls apart and unravels without the groove.


What other equipment do I need to buy to ply?


Lol, didn’t use Google right before. Anywho!!
This time, I found a way with stuff I had around the hoyse. And I also did the math wrong before, since I have a 4ft measure stick, not 3ft. So it was 96ft, 32yd and now two ply, so about 10yds. It’s drying now. I need to figure out how to better attach old end to new end of rolag…3 failed while I was making sure excess twist was out before measuring equal halves to ply.
I think I should word things better. This grey wool has too much itch factor, plying doesn’t change that, at least, not to me. It did make it more cushiony.
I read one post that the toilet paper tubes are too small and they had issues with yarn falling and twisting on the pole. I only had part of a paper tube to use and cut just right. But both seemed to work fine, no troubles. Only tricky part was holding the left side yarn.


Oopsies, didn’t mean to send in the post yet.


The two ply, muddled, but decent.


And then I turned, I think, 20 or so Lolla rolags into yarn last night and this morning. Going to try and connect it to the smaller sections of her yarn blmade previously. Then I’ll try to either two or three ply it, since it’s so thin.
On the drying screen, you can see how terribly inconsistent it is. =/


I learned how to chain ply!



Lolla yarn (thin one), 64 yards of it. Had about ten yards of it done earlier. Turned it all to Navajo ply, took a bit over one hour! =) :heart:


This is wonderful progress. You’re yarn looks better and better all the time. Nice work!


I eventually realized I had Addie & Emmie rolags, I wa going to needle felt with it and use Lolla wool to finish them to make them soft, but I decided to use it to practice spinning instead.
It really does feel like carpet yarn…ugh, lol. And it’s dry and random quality rolags, so good mix of practice. Though, I don’t think I will ever use a drop spindle correctly, maybe it’s just the length that makes it impossible or IDK.
Anywho! Nice break from carefully fluffing the Lolla wool before putting it on the hand card. Since its so short, most of it needs a gentle tug to get it long enough tobstixk on the carder.


Finished all of this box, predrafted, much easier. Some was longer wool, which carded so nicely and then spun evenly! I totally agree that the short stuff is a pitta!!
White n purple is just there cus the cat loves wool all of a sudden…
Big tube is done, probably will chain ply it. The rest needs to be wetted, then put on the grate to dry.



Woke up and it hit me as to how to do the thin chain ply. Such a Duh! moment.
The other day, I was using it to tie a quick untying knot on a section of fence, but I didn’t try think to use it on the yarn and started doing the chunky knitting one last night.
Got to the yarn, pulled the chunky I started and did the thin one.
Glad I finally figured it out, lol.


Those light bulb moments are so gratifying. Your work is looking good from this non-spinners point of view.


Part of the itch factor could be due to the over spinning.

Have you looked into “plying on the fly”? It is where you spin some, then immediately chain (Navajo) ply. I’ve never done it, but saw a friend doing it. My jaw dropped!

Tammy Rizzo’s Ply-on-the-fly technique

part 1
part 2