Carding Issue?


Got one done, other below still needs to be finished.
Still sucking at joining two rolags. =/
Chain plying ends up twisting the yarn to the right, which undoes the z twist…makes the joints come undone even more. ugh. I’ll have to start s twisting instead if I want to use the thin chain plying.
Still also working on spinning w/o over spinning, but that’s hard with the short wool because it’s tricky to draft it evenly.


Addie, were a good amount of the lighter color comes from in that chain ply picture. I believe I posted a picture of her and her sister earlier. She looks a bit different now that her wool has grown in some more, eh? =)


My version of a thicker softer yarn. Doing it single ply just gets me nowhere, twist won’t go up the yarn. No idea if it will hold or work out, but it might take a long time before I knit anything with it.


Made 5 sheep, working on #6.

Bought 2 pounds of Cheviot wool to try spinning longer fleece, 4in or so. Plus I need white for the felted sheepies.


Those sheep are almost as cute as the real ones that you have!


Thought I’d share how I’m carding their wool. I’m not talking in them, tv is on, so you can turn sound off.

Babydoll, Lolla


Not bad, eh? =)


Gah, my water heater isn’t turned up hot enough, so I’m boiling small batches of cheviot rolags as I need them.
Been making many little felt sheep. People keep asking if they are for sale, so will be making some to sell.


The sheep are adorable!!!


Made a reverse sheepie!


Wonderful looking little sheep!


And since I’ve been off topic for this forum all this time…
I found a scarf loom! But didn’t have nearly enough yarn…lol.


Decided to unravel the double thick scarf and redo it thinner, figure8 stitch, I think it’s called.


@Secuono, those are just the cutest, most adorable!! You definitely have to put them up for sale … Don’t go under value your work & skill either. Yes, you raise your sheep out of love however it’s nice when then help pay the feed/vet bill. You put money for felting needles and fiber equipment. Not to mention, not everyone can needle felt and have their creations look like something recognizable. I bet you are able to take your felted creations out to the pasture and folks could pick out which sheep they represent.

Ten years ago, I sold my 3"-4" needle felted creatures for $25-$30 at our farmer’s market and they flew off the shelf. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. What I’m saying is, you can always put them on sale.


Brown one I’m wearing is made from the yarn I made from my sheep. Rest are from store yarns, red n purple for my sister & greens for our mother for Christmas.


Ugh, I am so bad at spinning!!


Love the scarves and of course, the brown one is special. Merry Christmas!


@Secuono, There is nothing wrong with your spinning as long as the yarn doesn’t draft apart while it is being knit. Yarns like the ones you’ve spun make the loveliest texture in plain knitted objects.

While you’re trying to produce yarns that are ‘perfect’ like commercial mill-spun, commercial yarn companies are trying to produce yarns that look like yours …


Someone that has bought sheep and pups from me, sent me real nice fiber ready to spin as a surprise xmas gift when she saw my FB post about sucking at spinning. It’s long, 5-6in and it’s oh so different using it than my 1-3in wool! I got frustrated and quit yesterday, lol, I have to get used to drafting double the spacing I’m used to.


Figured out how to keep it fairly even, but I tend to slowly make it thinner and thinner w/o noticing it soon enough, lol. Or moments when my attention drifts and I don’t draft enough…And started to get okay with not over spinning.
It is easier than the babydoll for sure!


Your yarn looks so lovely, soft and cushy. It should be fun to knit with it. What are you thinking of making?