Cardigans on the round - without purls..?

Hi! Not a native English speaker so hope I nail the terms…

I’m always using circular needles AND I love cardigans AND I hate purls…is there a way to knit a cardigan on the round the same way you would knit a sweater, that is never “going back” by doing purl stiches?

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You can knit the sweater as a tube and then cut it up the front and at the armholes. It sounds daring and it is. It’s also fun to do. Essentially you create extra columns several sts wide, secure them with sewing or crochet and then cut between the securing lines.
There are many helpful videos and tutorials for steeking online. Here’s a nice basic overview.

And here are two expert Norwegian knitters, Arne and Carlos with a 4 part detailed video on one way of working the cardigan with steeks.

Thank you so much! I will try this! It’s amazing that I thought that there must be a way, and there is! Thank you for sharing!

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You’re very welcome. Of course the other way to knit a cardigan with all knit sts is to work in garter stitch. It may not be the look that you were thinking of however.
Good luck with your cardigan and of course you can and probably should practice this on a swatch. Steeking works best with wool yarn because it sticks together and isn’t as slippery as acrylics or other fibers.

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