My knitting buddy from Kansas has just emailed me saying that she has been looking for a pattern for a cardigan…and instead of buttons up the front it wraps around like a scarf. I personally haven’t seen anything like this and was wondering if anyone on KH can help us. Thanks x :hug:

There are so many like that it would be hard to pinpoint what she wants w/o more info. Does she mean it has a long tail to wrap and tie? or just ties? Here’s a few regular wrap type sweaters.

The pink one wraps…

I was thinking you could take an wrap sweater and adjust it to make long scarf like ties. On the inside side you could create an opening to stick the long end through and then depending on the length of the ties either tie in back or wrap around the front. :think:

Another possiblity is a Wrap/shawl with sleeves.
like this one to purchse
or these
KPC has a few also, you could add length for more ‘wrap’

they are beautiful, i especially like the first and second. i may have to get those patterns (and try and convert the second to be in the round)

(and try and convert the second to be in the round)

The sleeves are the only part you can do in the round, which should be fairly easy, the rest of course needs to be flat.