Cardigan Pattern Help

I’m working the Left Front of a cardigan.

I am on the last section and confused on what the pattern is saying I should do next.

After the two stars at the bottom, I have repeated the rows until 7 (actually 13 because I’m doing a larger size) remain. The next sentences confuses me. “Keeping neck edge straight, continue to decrease at armhole edge as before until 4 (6) stitches remain, ending at armhole edge.”

I have just worked a k2, p2tog, k to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1 row.

What should I do next?

You have just been repeating 4 rows (all called “next row”) until 12 stitches remain (your message says 13 but you have marked 12 on the pattern for your size so maybe a typo).
These 4 rows have been decreasing stitches at the neck edge and the arm hole edge.
Now you follow the same 4 row pattern BUT only do the decreases at the armhole edge.
The k2tog and the p2tog are decreases. One is happening at the neck edge, one at the armhole edge. Look at your work and identify the armhole edge, when you are near that edge you will make the decrease as written in the row.
If you are near the neck edge do not decrease even if there is a decrease written in the row, just ignore it.

Your next row is purl.

I hope this helps

It does! Thank you!!
The p2tog should be the armhole edge and the k2tog should be the neck edge.

So I should work:
Next Row: P
Next Row: k2, p2tog, k to end
Next Row: P
Next Row: k2, p2tog, k to end (dropping the k2tog from this row)

Is this correct?

Is it also ok if the front and the back do not have the same number of rows? Because working it this way will give me 148 rows on the front section while the back has 158.

Yes, that’s it. If the armhole edge is the p2tog then you work the 4 rows as you have written them.
Decreasing from 12 to 6 is 6 decreases in total so the 4 rows will be repeated 3 times. That’s 12 rows total.

What does that do to your row count for the front versus the back?
It’s possible that your pattern has a design feature where the back is longer but if you are not aware of a feature like this on the pattern then we should look at why the front and back are different lengths.

What is the name/number of your pattern?

I have 148 rows on the front and 158 on the back, not including cast off rows.

This is the full pattern.

I’m doing a larger size than what is underlined. Third from the end of the ones in parentheses. So I was at 13 stitches, then decreased to 6.

I think you are OK on the length.
The back says to work to 15 and a half inches.
The front says to work to 14 inches.
I can see a tension gauge for stitch count but not one for row height so I cannot work out for you if these 10 rows difference would be roughly 1 and a half inches but I’m going to guess that it is.
You can measure the back to check the length and measure the front to check the length, expecting a 1 and a half inch difference.
You may also already know your row gauge either from a swatch you have done or you can measure rows on the sweater and see if 10 rows is 1 and a half inches.

Some patterns have the back neck higher up than the front (even without the collar addition) so that it fits well and doesn’t sag backwards.

Please can you remove the pattern photos due to designer copyright. if you click the little pencil icon at the bottom of your post you can edit the post and just delete the photos.

Do you think you can manage section of the pattern now?
It’s ok if you have more questions.

Thank you so much! I think I’m good for now!

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Great. Enjoy finishing your cardigan.