Cardigan Pattern Help

I am knitting this cardigan, and I’ve hit a point that does not make sense to me. I’m pretty sure it’s a problem of Danish to English translation.

You knit the back then knit the two front pieces from the cast on edge of the back. So you knit them separately, then join them at the armpit, and finish the body as one. When you get to the armpit this is what it says:
"Start on the left front piece.
First, knit front piece sts, knit up 1 new st in each of the 7 sts on the body (left armhole), continue over back stitches, knit up 1 new st in each of the 7 sts on the body (right armhole), knit the right front sts.

NOTE! Be aware that the edge stitches along the armhole are included in the pattern. Remember to knit chart under armhole already from the 2nd row.

There are now 191 sts on the needle."

The pattern repeat is 8 stitches, so I don’t know what 7 sts they’re talking about. I have 185 sts now, so if they’re asking me to add 14 sts total(7 sts at each armpit) that will not be 191.

A bunch of other people have made it on ravelry and seem to have had no problem. Help me, I feel stupid.

Welcome to KH!
We just had another question about this pattern.

It seems to me that you need to continue the pattern across the underarms. To do that you need to pick up enough sts to continue the pattern repeat (including the edge sts in the repeat).

An alternative is to contact the designer and include the number of sts you have on the needle now, the number you should have after picking up sts and the size you are making.