Cardigan help!

So I’ve started a new project, I just couldn’t help :smiley: .
It’s the Lucy Lu from berocco .
Now I’m using the green yarn I posted in the Wha’cha Knittin’?! thread.
As I supposed it’s not the same gauge. Mine is 11 stitches per row.
I had a similar problem before and then just knitted two sizes smaller.
But the sizing in this pattern confuses me. The XS size states that it’s 35 around the bust when closed. You can correct me, but that’s not XS. Actually that’s my size, approx. 90cm.
Am I calculating wrong?
I could get down a needles size, but than the result is really dense.

I’m confused about your question…
. :oops:

90 cm = 35.4 inch

I wouldn’t put too much stock in the “XS” label or “S” label … or any of the others. According to some patterns I’ve read, I’m an “extra large”; but on others I’m a “medium”. Those "small, “medium”, “large” labels are so ambiguous and subjective at best! :evil: Forget the verbage and just go by the numbered measurements. Since your bust is 90cm (35.4inch), make the cardi as specified for the “XS” size, whether or not you consider yourself an “extra small”.

If you don’t like the density that your correct guage it giving you, then you might want to try using a yarn of a lighter weight, maybe sport weight??

I hope that helps a little :?

Yes, thanks for your help. I just was so unsure because of the size.
Me, the smallest size available :shock:
Well, I think I just give it a try. You can always frog it, right?


Good Luck!