Cardigan Help


I’m new to knitting. I decided to teach myself how to knit after teaching myself how to crochet. I’m trying to make a cardigan for my first project. I have finished the back of my cardigan & the pattern says to leave the remaining 55 stitches on a stitch holder which I have done. & I’m supposed to be starting the left front by casting on 52 stitches. So I’m wondering how to do that & if I need to cut the yarn & tie off or not.

Anyway…here’s a link to the pattern.


Reading ahead to the finishing instructions is a good way see if you’ll be using the yarn from the back for anything especially those held sts. It looks like you could use it for seaming the sleeves, so you might leave it. Start the front with a new skein of yarn, you’ll need at least one for it anyway.

Well, I’m guessing they’ll be used to have the k2, p2 pattern across the top. I was thinking that it would be used to mend the pieces across the top that way. Because as of holding the stitches that pattern has not been made & I’m assuming it would go all the way around to match the bottom. But once, I finish the left front, I will be left with the same situation with stitches on a stitch holder. I still have about half the yarn that was left from doing the back.

I’d cut it then, and leave a couple feet in case you need it for sewing up.