Cardigan fronts at the same time?

Just wondering if it’s a good idea to work the right and left fronts of a cardigan at the same time, like doing two sleeves at once which I like to do.

Is there any reason not to that I might be unaware of?

That works most of the time. The only time I do one front before the other is when the buttonhole and button bands are integral to the fronts rather than picked up later. Then it’s easier to work the button band first so that you can place the buttons and know where to make the buttonholes on the second front.

Thanks. That’s interesting.
I need to try to remember to mark up the button band when the time comes. I’m sure I’ll forget again.
My button band is picked up later so I’ve tried casting on for both at once and it seems OK, just trying to make sure I follow the correct pattern for each side.
I’ve marketed the right with red markers with R for right and red. Didn’t have a colour beginning with L for the left so I’m using “Lellow” (yellow said in a young child’s voice ha ha).

Although, maybe lavender? Hmm…

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