Cardigan from Twilight Movie

Hey !!!

Has anyone ever seen a pattern for a cardigan similar to this one ->

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This is the closest I found.

Are you asking about the vest or the one under the vest?

Hey -

Sorry I was asking about the white cardigan she is wearring on top of the vest !!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

When I first looked at the picture I thought it was a blouse she was wearing under the vest - I clicked on the picture and got a full size image - it has a really neat pattern - bobbles are criss-crossed all over and in the middle of the criss-crosses are a 4 leaf pattern. Now I can’t tell if the bobbles are knitted or crocheted on after the sweater was completed. The sleeve also has a small section that is crocheted. I wish I could see the front of the sweater. The more that I look at it, it almost looks like it was knitted in stockinette stitch and then the flowers and circles were crocheted on afterwards.

I haven’t seen any pattern but maybe with looking at the picture some and knitting up a gauage swatch you could design one.

It is a really neat sweater… looks fun to wear.